lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Costa Rica!

Hi all! I write this entry from Costa Rica, and I will try to explain to you how I pack for a trip like this.So, here I am with another visit to this paradise country, possibly only for a week.

Just landed and still not knowing exactly whether to dinner or have a breakfast, I stand still for a while to tell you the contents of my camera bag for this break in particular, which I intend to dedicate to find new species of frogs, review the already known and find some insects to do field manual stacks.
Yesterday afternoon, I had to dispatch my bag in minutes with light clothing, bathing suit and raincoat, insect repellent and sun protector and later I concentrated on the essentials: my cameras, lenses and various gadgets...

Some are expensive and professional and some are just DIY inventions that have been created for specific needs in each trip.
Essentially: Canon 5D Mark III (fullframe), Canon 60D (APSC), canon lenses 2.8Is 300L, 100L canon and Mpe65 with micrometer adjusted basis for the field and then the less used canon 10-22mm lens for APSC ultra wide and very light.I also took my handflash and my macro flash the Mt-24 that has given me so much joy after I purchased it three years ago in Malaysia.

Sure, the Phantom drone has come with me ... I have a thousand ideas to use it here, should only one of them work, I shall be satisfied.
I also took some not photographic accessories as clamps, tripods for flash, homemade diffusers for my twin flash, led flashlight from "led lenser" and "headlight" too of the same reliable brand ... white umbrella, rigid clips or clamps, etc ... You will have noticed a discordant element in the pictures ... Yes, it's a cat and no, I didn't take it with me, but seemed she seemed particularly interested in nest in my backpack. Maybe next time ...

For space reasons, the tripod and wimberly gymbal had to be placed in the suitcase ... I had to carry the 20kg bag and a trolley with the Phantom ... By the way, I was not reluctantly to bring the quadcopter as hand luggage, although I was threatened because of the size ... If you have any questions about the usefulness of each item or need any clarification, I'll be happy to answer you. We all learn from everyone! I leave you for a while as I hear the sounds of the jungle and its inhabitants ... need to rest to start my hard photographic journey that sure will be full of pleasant surprises, driving hours and gallons of black coffee with sugar...

Good night everyone!

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