martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

Greetings everyone!


Greetings to all who come to browse my blog, amateur and pro photographers, and to all the people interested in travel & nature from the broadly infinitesimal specimens to the big monsters.

To all those who, like me, move in the orbit of finding striking images, those of you that travel far to see with your own eyes creatures that have caught your previous attention... To all who like to take a lap nut to technology to get all the juice out of it, to have fun experimenting and spending hours devouring hardware and software all of you I welcome you to my house. Here I hope to share with you my findings in technology and perhaps some shortcuts to make a trip more rewarding when it comes to nature photography, and always with some extra advice or input, so you can find a good place to cool off with a beer or reactivate with good coffee...

As first entry...: a farewell

Just as after every night the sun rises and after each discovery there is hiddenwaiver, this is the way I start this blog: saying goodbye to something unique but also feeling very lucky.

Some time ago fate led me to a hidden place in Huesca where I found a picturesque man, the "Vultures shepard"...
As I am naturally curious and any kind of animal or activity related thereto interests me, I decided to investigate this man and of course his curious "herd".

The discovery was revealing and not merely anecdotal ... I did meet not a dozen vultures but a group of nearly 500 individuals!

Miguel Angel partners (that´s the name of the protagonist of this short story), welcomed me as one more, and I was able to witness and participate in the feeding and also the counting of these birds, so unfairly maligned in the past and yet so necessary to the ecosystem.

I don´t remember how many times I went to visit them, or how often I could photograph these birds in flight, devouring pieces of meat, fighting each other or just posing for me...

As it seems that really good things can not last long enough, a few days ago I was told that the totally altruistic activity of my friends (we really became close) had come to an end.
The "highest authority" decided to cease the activity of this location as a photographic observatory/feeding place because of the "high risk of familiarization with humans." All this...after 7 years of running this place!

Fate made ​​that the last day of meeting the vultures I had the day off and, without thinking it twice, I drove to  Sierra de Guara for 3 hours with all my camera equipment and my new Drone (Unmanned aerial vehicle), which ultimately would be a privileged witness of the very last meeting...

I share with you this video as a tribute I bring to all those who for almost 8 years put their time, their selfless efforts and dedication to feed, control and study these wonderful birds. 

Big Hug!,


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