sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Back to work!

Back to work...

Ok, I am finally back to shooting with my gear after some days of hard work in Rio de Janeiro!

I had a really hard 24hs yesterday, I had to take a 2hours bus from Copacabana to the airport, a 9:30 hours flight to Madrid, wait for 2 hours to catch a plane to Barcelona....take my car home for 20 minutes and leave all the baggage, make a new trolley with clothes and prepare my gear, and take the car again for a 2hs 45min ride to Huesca, leave the trolley and drive again for 30 minutes to a "secret location" to do some night high speed pictures...pack all again after just 30 minutes because of the rain, and drive back 30 minutes to finally die over my bed...EXHAUSTING!!!

Will have another chance today, with more time and better stamina to try my new 3 speedlites flashes with included "onboard" triggers and my new Cognisys cable that ensures my infrared system keeps my camera awake and ready to shoot keeping the shutter lag to a minimum (before I had to shoot with another spanish sensor called AMJ because of canon´s terrible shutter lag, but I wanted to use my Cognisys one because its more portable and has better range).

And now that I see the picture, I can't recommend this battery series highly enough, Eneloop´s can save your life, fast, high capacity and consistent recharge´s...go get them!

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