jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

My work with Extreme Macro @t Practical Photography Magazine (November)

It´s a great pleasure for me to share this article about Extreme Macro with you.
It´s really nice to read the whole text and see they have not changed a word and fully respect my work.

 The chosen picture corresponds to a Giant Tiger Beetle form one of my trips to the peruvian amazon.One of my first truly extreme macro shots and one of my first stacks! I remember it was first published @t 1x.com!

The article is almost completely about extreme macro and focus stacking, but some regular macro shots are also included like this wonderful agalychnis callidryas from Costa Rica...

Get the magazine for more interesting stuff, it´s a complete guide for all kinds of photographers!
They also included one of my latest High speed photos from Costa Rica...

In 14 days if all goes well I will be heading to one of the most incredible islands of the world...Madagascar !!! 11 days of 4x4, baobabs, jungles, lemurs, insects and chameleon´s...see you soon with more interesting pics!


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